Creation of chat bots to order
We do not miss a client under any circumstances. We immediately get a contact for further communication.
Examples of our chat bots
Here you can take a look at the chatbot and see what we can do for you!
Can be used not only for psychologist, but also for other marathons
Auto marathon by date and time. Psychologist
Invitation to a webinar, launching streams depending on the day of the week and time. The webinar starts on Monday at 19:00.
People who enter the funnel before 19:00 will be directed to the webinar.
Those who enter at 19:01 will be redirected to a funnel with 3 touch insulation.

If a person subscribes, he will receive useful content in different quantities: on Monday, Tuesday before 12:00 — will receive 3 messages;
Tuesday after 12:00, Wednesday,
Thursday before 12:00 - will receive 2 messages;
Thursday after 12:00, Friday, Saturday until 12:00 - 2 messages;

Saturday after 12:00, Friday - will receive 2 messages;
Sunday - he will receive 2 messages; The bot has: Funnel with launch logic by day and specific time

    Cost $400
    This bot helps to rent a house, and also helps to fill out and send an application for renting a house. The bot can fully function for renting, but can also be extended to selling and buying homes.
    Real estate agency
    The user takes a short survey and, depending on his need to rent / rent out housing, the bot sends to different options for questions and then segments.

    - house, apartment or room
    - long-term or daily
    - total area or number of rooms
    - user's budget
    - for long-term lease or rent
    clarifies questions on the presence of children, animals, the proximity of a kindergarten, school and shopping center
    -- Added logic for viewing hot positions depending on the type of premises they want to rent.
    The template has:
    1. Funnel with a survey to rent/rent housing
    2. ML with a subscription to the bot

    Cost $800

    Numerology test that invites a person for a personal consultation.
    Numerologist test and consultation
    Sends all reminders within 24 hours. Suitable for facebok, whatApp, teltgram. viber and vkontakte.
    The invitation for a consultation comes 1 hour after the passage of the text. If a person has not sent contacts, then after 3 and 2 hours a reminder is sent to sign up for a personal consultation.
    This mechanic is great for base gathering and segmentation for the Numerologist The bot has:
    1. Funnel with dough
    2. We wait to leave a request for a consultation within 24 hours
    3. Mini-landing for subscribing to the bot through the test.

    Cost $300

    More examples of our chat bots
    Mini template invitation to a webinar on a specific date with reminders
    Scheduled webinar. mini template

    for 1 day
    in 1 hour
    in 15 minutes
    at the start of the webinar 15 minutes
    after start 2.5 hours after the start, we invite you to sign up for a consultation
    In template:
    1. Funnel with a schedule for specific dates
    2. 5 webinar reminder
    3. Sign up for a consultation after the event (the user goes to the site to sign up)

    Cost $400

    Purpose: constructively convey information and bring to the consultation / registration.
    Step-by-step presentation of information about the possibilities and methods of work in network marketing

    The funnel is designed in such a way as to attract new people to the interaction.
    You can add a series of follow-up emails to this funnel (not included in the funnel) The funnel was built without unnecessary information for MLM, without quizzes.
    Цель: донести информацию с призывом к регистрации / консультации.

    Cost $400
    The chatbot allows you to order goods, add them to the basket, the order amount is summed up there
    Shop with shopping cart
    What the bot can do:

    • selection of desired products from different categories
    • choice of quantity of each item
    • adding and removing from cart
    • payment directly from the bot
    • takes contacts where to deliver the order
    • all orders are recorded in a table
    • notification of the order to the responsible manager in telegram
    • purchase history
    • abandoned cart reminder

    Cost $1000

    Chatbot will interrogate a person and receive an order
    Chatbot for travel agencies
    The chatbot can ask a person to find out what kind of tour he needs. An order is formed from this survey.

    A person leaves a request, and the manager instantly sees the order, and can offer tour options based on the preferences of the tourist and not waste time polling and identifying needs. This has already been done by the chatbot.

    The order gets into the Google tablet, and also comes to the messenger to the responsible manager in the form of an order card and a phone number.

    Also, you will collect a customer base in the bot, and you will be able to send targeted mailings to them by segments, with some of your promotions.

    Cost $1000

    Chatbot for commodity business. You can take another product
    Chatbot for the sale of goods
    Engages the audience with a skin type test, and then casually offers a product.
    Works with Telegram, Viber, Vkontakte. Installation and configuration takes a couple of minutes Based on this funnel, you can start selling any commodity business in a matter of hours!
    Mini-landing with an invitation to the intensive; Skin test with result

    Cost $800

    This template is suitable for Telegram, Facebook, Viber and Vkontakte. The order list comes to the telegram group, through the API request
    Water delivery
    The logic of the template is designed for a one-time delivery of water, or you can immediately schedule delivery on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition to choosing water, a person can purchase a pump.
    If the subscriber has already chosen delivery, then the delivery data, such as full name, address and phone number, do not need to be re-entered
    The template has:
    1. Funnel with water and pump
    2. selection logic Cart where goods are summed up
    3. Logic with the order list that comes to the telegram group via API request
    4. One mini landing page with a promotional offer for water delivery
    Cost $800


      Chatbot development gives your business a competitive edge. You are more efficient, more informative, your service is more accessible, plus savings on human resources, lower costs for the payroll fund. The cost of creating a chat bot is beaten off in the blink of an eye.
      A chat bot in Telegram, Messenger is ready to communicate with customers 24/7, and at the same time with many, selling your product. Convenience for users: the client can get all the necessary information from the chat bot, avoiding conversations in the company, thus saving his time and remaining more satisfied with the quality of service.
      Direct messaging through various messengers using a chat bot gives good sales results. Marketing studies have shown that the click-through rate of messages from chat bots significantly exceeds the effectiveness of other marketing channels.
      A chatbot can not only sell goods or services, but also conduct financial transactions, monitor the weather, correspond, entertain and educate, collect, systematize and process information. This is a new level of business in the age of rapid development of Internet technologies.
    How will we get new clients for you?
    How do we remove the routine and create a loyal attitude towards you?
    Capturing a client on the site and communicating with him increases the number of applications by 2-4 times.
    The site hosts an online chat that offers to chat with the person who has logged in. But at the same time, it does not scare away, does not close the content, but simply informs the client that we are here and ready to help.
    It is very important, having called the client, to immediately start a conversation with him and just the chat bot is the one who will never miss the opportunity to ask for the phone and advise the client.
    Every day, if there are visitors to the site (let's say you set up advertising), phones will be left for you and your application on the phone will make instant communication with the client.
    Communication in any of the messengers
    When there is an ad or you post on social networks, it is best to implement a deep link where a person will go through your chat bot and get answers to all their questions.
    Moreover, even if he loses interest in going to the chat bot and he takes at least the first step, you will forever get the opportunity to interact with him.
    You will be able to correspond in the messenger, and in the one from which the person came to you.
    Secondly, you can put it through the funnel and sell your product automatically.
    Useful advice is needed by everyone and always. There is also an increase in sales by 2 - 4 times.
    It is convenient and financially profitable to use in stores or services.
    Businesses widely use chat bots in various industries, because a chat bot developer can "teach" him any job: sell goods, attract customers to services, accept payments, conduct surveys, remind about events, inform about the weather, manage financial affairs, collect statistics , create games and entertain.The possibilities are almost unlimited.
    Now you do not need to hire extra specialists: it is cheaper to order the development of a chat bot.

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