Getting and scaling profits for an online store. Conclusion to the first pages of Google
1 - 2 Stage
ANALYSIS OF COMPETITORS Checking competitors in the SERPs in your niche. Studying competitor websites. Drawing up a template for embedding the required number of texts, groups, etc. on your site.

SEMANTIC CORE Collecting a list of search phrases related to your business. Creating a template for a group of products or a one-page site. Approval of the list by the customer. Fixing organic traffic and sales of the 1st stage

Result of stage 3 A ready-made layout of the site structure for writing heading texts and further work.
Second month of work →
Stage 2
TITLE These are Google headlines We combine and write headlines to contain words from the phrases we promote. These are the main technical page titles.

WRITING SEO TEXTS We compose SEO texts of a certain volume with a uniqueness of 94% using the words that we promote. Implementation of texts and a page template on the site with a description and headings

Result of stage 2
We get a ready-made group of products or a landing page with a description, keywords, headings
Third month of work →
Stage 3
USEFULNESS OF THE SITE IN GOOGLE SERP Creation of a section with a useful description, articles and keywords for Google search. Linking around the site using our keywords Selection of sites for purchasing links for your product or service. (We agree separately with the client. From $100 links)

Result of stage 3
Fixing the issuance of the site before the purchase of links and comparing the result in a month. Fixing organic traffic and sales Stage 2

Package price
Texts for promoted categories.
By position of your site in Google

Monthly report→
By increasing website traffic Purchased links

First result
By changing the position of the site can be expected in 2 - 3 months of work


Our SHEV CONNECT team is not just hired employees based on resumes, as is often the case.
These are people who grew up here and developed, showed their talents and now, having become professionals, they manage separate divisions.
Therefore, every manager who works for us is an established personality in his own marketing direction.
We have a rule, we do not hire freelancers, we grow our employees ourselves, we control the quality of their work ourselves. Hence the results and people who learn from those who we set up advertising.
The company was founded in 2015, we work with startups with established entrepreneurs and we can offer a quality service in any area of marketing.
We are proud to be involved in improving the quality of people's lives.

If any questions, please contact us in any convenient way:

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